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Genecure Capsules
Genecure capsules is highly effective for treatment of all kinds of infections of the female genitalia and reproductive system. It is to be used by females above the age of 12( seek advice concerning minors). Genecure capsules must be taken in the night before bedtime. Genecure capsules is most effective natural remedy to restore sexual sensitivity ( libido and sharpened feelings during intercourse) and eliminate Menstrual issues that can also cause Infertility. Use Genecure capsules to eliminate existing infections and quick response to sexual sensitivity.
Health Benefits & Advice
Indicated for menstrual pains and disorders. Unpleasant vaginal discharges. Vaginal itching and odor. Keeps women dry.
Dosage & Caution
Best taken before bedtime in the evening.
Day 1 - take 4 capsules.
Day 2 - take 4 capsules.
Day 3 - take 2 capsules.
Not to be taken by pregnant women, lactating mothers and females below 12 years.
Other Information
Genecure Capsules | Ingredients
Afzelia africana | Fagara zanthoxyloides | Xylopia aethiopica | Aloe vera
Genecure Capsules | Contradictions
None identified yet.
Genecure Capsules | Presentation
10 capsules inside each packet.