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Mafa-fa Capsules
Your faith help against Malaria. Traditional malaria medications mostly target matured parasites in the bloodstream, leaving developing protists in the liver, thus giving a temporal treatment of the case. Mafa-fa capsules removes parasites from both the bloodstream and the liver to effect a complete cure.
Health Benefits & Advice
Effective for malaria treatment. Combine Mafa-fa capsules with Oni-Tonic capsules for rapid healthy body restoration. Take Malaroc, a complete Malaria alternative cure. Take Mafa-fa capsules for after cure as cleanser for malaria.
Dosage & Caution
Adult: Two(2) capsules three(3) times daily after meals.
Children: Three(3) teaspoonful three(3) times daily after meals.
Other Information
Mafa-fa Capsules | Ingredients
Crptolepsis sanguinolenta
Mafa-fa Capsules | Contradictions
None identified yet.
Mafa-fa Capsules | Presentation
20 Capsules inside each packet.