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ONI-TONIC Capsules
Your trusted healthy body and mind aid! This medicine is a herbal haematinic formulation which is effective for conditions listed for this product
Health Benefits & Advice
Restores your lost appetite. Can be taken three(3) times a day as body booster and relaxer. Can be used to supplement Mafa-fa in malaria treatment. Combine with all Rockcare vitality drugs (PA-KUM, ROC Capsules) for utmost efficiency. Perfect supplement to treatments of all infectious diseases.
Dosage & Caution
Adult Two(2) capsules three(3) times daily.
Children: One(1) teaspoonful three(3) times daily.
None stated yet.
Other Information
ONI-TONIC Capsules | Ingredients
Khaya senegalensis | Xylopia aethicopica | Mitrigyna stipulosa | Monodora myristica
ONI-TONIC Capsules | Contradictions
None identified yet.
ONI-TONIC Capsules | Presentation
20 Capsules inside each packet.