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PA-KUM Capsules
PA-KUM Capsules is very potent to deal with male vitality issues resulting in Erectile dysfunctional to Premature ejaculation. PA-KUM addresses vitality issues and resolves men to a state of optimum vitality; making it the ultimate vitality drug.
Health Benefits & Advice
Correction of low sperm count. Improvement on premature ejaculation. Greatly boosts your erection aptitude. Indicated for general sexual weakness. Male impotence and other related male sexual dysfunctions.
Dosage & Caution
To be taken two (2x) times daily: morning and evening after meals. Two(2) capsules two(2) times dailyChildren under 18 years need not to take it.
Other Information
PA-KUM Capsules | Ingredients
Cissus populnea | Cyperus osculentus | Musa paradisiaca | Opimedium grandillorum/ honey goat weed extract
PA-KUM Capsules | Contradictions
None identified yet.
PA-KUM Capsules | Presentation